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Protecting skaters from impact since 2014


STEAKS® Contact Wear develops and produces innovative, protective apparel for roller derby players and athletes in other full contact and action sports.

What we believe

From the skater for the skater

STEAKS® is currently the only brand producing for the impact and target zones of roller derby. We know the spots that skaters tend to fall on the most or receive hits to–through first-hand experience–and we design to protect these areas.

Every skater is the MVP

Our Most Valuable Player is each and every one of our customers, no matter if they are skating for a team, crew, chapter or by themselves. No one should suffer from needless injuries and painful bruises because they are pursuing what they love the most.

Athlete focused design

If the game changes, we modify, test and produce to fit our athletes’ needs. If we branch out into other sports we optimize to fit the needs. If our products do not fit an athlete’s body or if the athlete has special requirements, we adapt and produce custom products.

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Suvi Alalantela
Lead Designer (Product), CEO

STEAKS® was established in 2014 by Suvi Alalantela (aka Ysi Musta #9 ), a skater and founding member of Lahti Roller Derby (est.2010). She was a visible character in Finland’s first wave of roller derby and was known as a fierce jammer and a hard-to-pass blocker on track. The idea for STEAKS® began back when fishnets and hot pants were in fashion. She saw potential in protective apparel while working as a designer for motorcycle gear. Over time, her concept grew and the gear was first worn by Team Finland in December 2014 at the Blood & Thunder World Cup in Dallas, Texas. Suvi is also a skillful tattoo artist and works in her own studio Tear Garden Tattoo.

Jennifer Moss
Creative Director, Shareholder

Jennifer joined STEAKS® in early 2018 as a Creative Director and shareholder. To the roller derby community, she is known as Rhonda Housekick #360, a skater since 2011 and a founder and occasional coach of Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads. She is also a co-founder of a design studio and user experience consultancy, bringing years of experience in these areas to the team. She joined STEAKS® because she saw the potential the products brought–keeping roller derby skaters safe from long-term consequences of playing a full-contact sport that has evolved into a highly athletic game without the right protection.

Mari Silvennoinen
Head of Business, Board Chairman

Mari is a seasoned business development professional with plenty of change management, leadership and growth management experience. She joined STEAKS® in early 2018 as a business developer and shareholder, with her strong analytical and conceptual skills enhancing the team.

She joined STEAKS® to live her dream, which is “(…) to work with challenging turnarounds, transformation and business development cases with the most inspiring and skillful people in the world.”


Where does our name come from?

When our founder Suvi Alalantela noticed that STEAKS® is an anagram of the word “skates”, she decided the name was a perfect fit for the company. Not only would our origin be rooted in our name, but the word also fit the sport’s language, which has many meaty words like “fresh meat”.

Our muscles are meat that we as athletes work hard to build up. Some athletes have more muscle mass, some less simply due to genetics. STEAKS® Contact Wear products add an extra layer of meat between the athlete and their opponent or the surface they are about to fall on — protecting the body and bones from bruises.

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