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Pick your Contact Wear Bottoms: which STEAKS Shorts are right for you

Crash pants, impact shorts, butt savers…whatever you like to call them, we got ’em! But how do you chose the right ones?

There’s nothing worse than holding back when you’re doing the (potentially painful) things you love 🖤. Whether it’s hitting the ramps, dominating on a roller derby track, shredding the snow or bombing it down your favourite dirt trail, STEAKS shorts can give you confidence whilst providing excellent injury prevention.

So, you want a slice of this sweet impact absorption action? Next, you have to make the decision of which impact shorts to go for. STEAKS Contact Wear currently offer 5 different crash pants with protection for your coccyx, thighs, hips and hip sides. They’re all designed to provide maximum protection without affecting the way you move.


💡 Tip: Scroll to the bottom for a PSA about why we put tailbone protection in EVERYTHING

Flesh Diamond Shorts

Protected area: Tailbone

These impact shorts are the lightest in protection. If you are looking to protect your tailbone and nothing else, these shorts are the ones for you.

The tailbone padding is removable, so they double up as smart shorts to wear for less hazardous activities or just looking like a badass.

On Sale: STEAKS Deadlegs Shorts, low-profile protective crash shorts for women with removable low-profile tailbone (coccyx), hip and thigh protection, front side view, size small

Deadleg Shorts

Protected areas: Tailbone, thigh

These ones do what they say on the tin and make dead legs a thing of the past. They have our removable tailbone protection coupled with panels covering your thighs.

Nothing slows you down more than a hit delivered square in the thigh mid roller derby bout. Or how about a rogue handlebar when you bail? With Deadleg shorts, those things won’t ever stop you.

STEAKS Basic Crash Shorts, protective crash shorts for women with tailbone (coccyx) protection, hip bone protection and hip side protection, right side view, size large

Basic Crash Shorts

Protected areas: Tailbone, hipbone, hipsides

These shorts give great all-round impact absorption. Whatever your sport, these will keep you rolling no matter what is thrown at you. They have tailbone protection in case there’s a danger of falling backwards. We added in hipbone protection to absorb impact if you fall forwards because a hipbone to the floor is no fun. Finally, they have hip side protection. They wrap around the sides and protect your hips and booty from deadly sideswipes.

If you like going hard, training till you stack it or are a multidisciplinary marvel…you know which shorts you should go for.

STEAKS Full Crash Shorts, low-profile protective crash shorts for women with removable low-profile tailbone (coccyx), hip bone, hip side and thigh protection, front view, size small

Full Crash Shorts

Protected areas: Tailbone, hipbones, hipsides, thigh

The Full Crash Shorts have it all, literally. Every area we offer protection is represented in this one-stop shop of impact absorption. They have everything on our Basic Crash Shorts plus thigh pads. These pads look after, wait for it, your thighs.

You don’t need to be moving at a million miles an hour to benefit from this level of impact protection. The Full Crash Shorts will have you sorted at any level and as you progress, they will offer the protection you need throughout your journey.

STEAKS roller derby team uniform bottoms all gender tight shorts contact wear option mens crash pants low profile impact protection poron xrd male model front

Men’s Crash Shorts

Protected areas: Tailbone, hip bone, thigh

Guys, these ones are for you. Whilst we started off designing for a female type figure, we heard you wanted these products too. We took everything that makes our Basic Crash Shorts great and reshaped to suit a male boy-shape.

With less tapering at the waist and a wider gusset, these offer all the same great STEAKS protection whilst fitting a more male form. You’re welcome!

Need more benefits?

All of our crash pants are made from skin-friendly materials. Our lycra fibre is OEKO-TEX 100 certified (find out more on the oeko-tex website) and our impact material, PORON XRD®, has the highest impact absorption currently available on the market. It is far superior to impact materials used by other brands as it is very low-profile, is anti-microbial as it is treated with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection and simply absorbs impact way more effectively. Take a look here!



You may have noticed that tailbone protection comes on all STEAKS Contact Wear shorts and we love it so much we also stock Extra Coccyx (tailbone) Pads (which are ideal for athletes who have injured their tailbone before) in the store. We’ve put it on every style because we know how important it is to protect your coccyx. Not only is it incredibly painful to land on, but recovery from a coccyx injury is slow and sore affecting everything from sitting down to going to the loo!

But a bad knock to your tailbone can have even more severe consequences. Recent studies have shown that the jolt caused by a hard fall on your tailbone can also cause concussions. If you’ve fallen on your tailbone you’ll know that jolt, that ricochet that travels up your spine and leaves you a bit stunned for a moment.


If you want to read up more on that check out these informative studies/articles:

We know STEAKS shorts can give you different levels of protection whilst offering high levels of comfort, even when the ground has other ideas! But, if you still have any questions about our crash pants or any other STEAKS Contact Wear products, drop us a line. 📫

Take your pick from our Impact Shorts Collection

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About the author:

Sharpe has been a member of the Steaks Crew since 2019. When she isn’t in the skatepark or playing roller derby she also works as a Marketing Manager for a tech start-up in Bristol, UK. You can hit her up for coaching or catch her antics here.

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