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Goodbye to our first STEAKS Rookie – applications open for 2020

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It’s time to say goodbye to our very first STEAKS Rookie: Black Bolt, who is smashing it as a jammer for their team Twin Valleys Roller Derby.- image by Steven Katz-Albert


A year ago we started an experiment, we launched our STEAKS Rookie program. A one-year program for which any roller derby, ramp skating, other full contact or action sports rookie could apply and which aimed at keeping a rookie safe through STEAKS Contact Wear sponsoring for a year and aimed at helping them improve at their sport through a mentoring program by STEAKS Crew members.

Now that the year is nearly over, we chatted with our very first STEAKS Rookie, Black Bolt, roller derby skater for Twin Valleys Roller Derby (Virginia, USA) to see how they have progressed in this past year.


What athletic goals have you achieved this year?

This year I’ve been able to greatly improve my jamming and endurance, it’s been awesome!


How were the STEAKS Coaches able to help with that? 

Definitely. Thanks to the coaches, I was able to get the most out of my practices. They also helped me to find a training routine that worked best for improving my endurance.


STEAKS stories company news steaks rookie 2019 black bolt steaks contact wear smackanwa vest deadlegs shorts

Black Bolt all geared up in STEAKS during a tournament their team Twin Valley Roller Derby competed in in May: “(…) We went into the tourney as the 8th seed and lowest ranking team. We ended up tying for 5th place! I got to spend my birthday playing the sport I love with my dreamates 😍. I’m coming out of this tourney with lots of stuff to work on, but also with a lot of tools at my disposal to help me get to where I want to be.(…)” Give them a follow on IG: @blackbolt625


Were you also able to achieve mental goal?

Yes! My mental game has improved immensely this season.


Were the STEAKS Coaches able to help with that as well?

Absolutely! Honestly, I would say they helped me improve in this area the most. I played the best game I’ve ever played this season, thanks in large part to the coaches.


STEAKS stories company news steaks rookie 2019 black bolt jamming team virginia

As the months progressed, so did Black Bolt’s style and their perception of their overall performance: “I’m finally starting to feel like I don’t look like a baby giraffe on my skates! Starting to find my style (…)”. Give them a follow on IG: @blackbolt625 – image by Steven Katz-Albert


What are your goals for the next season?

I want to keep improving this next season as much as I did last season, maybe even more! I also want to dedicate more time to training off skates and master apex jumps.


For people just starting out with skating: What is your advice to them? What do you wish you knew when embarking on this adventure that is roller derby?

Derby is hard! If you ever feel stuck or discouraged, just look back on where you were a few months ago to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.


We are extremely happy to hear that the coaching efforts of the STEAKS Crew were so helpful for Black Bolt and wish them the best for the upcoming season! We’ll miss you Black Bolt! You will always be the very first STEAKS Rookie, but now it’s time to start our quest to find the next STEAKS Rookie!


– STEAKS Rookie 2020 –
applications are now open!

STEAKS stories company news steaks rookie 2020 apply today

About the STEAKS Rookie program

The STEAKS Rookie program is a one year program from STEAKS Contact Wear for one roller derby, ramp skating, other full contact or action sports rookie that is designed to improve the rookie athlete’s safety  (through contact wear sponsoring) and help them grow and improve in their sport.

Why we started the program!

Everyone here at STEAKS remembers those first few years as new athletes in our sports. We started in roller derby, crashed hard, got back up – and repeated that cycle over and over again. Today we still crash but those first few months (years?) were the ones with the most memorable bruises. They were also the most challenging when it came to finding our spot and feeling comfortable in this new adventure we had gotten ourselves into.

The STEAKS Rookie program includes:
  • Protection: free STEAKS contact wear
  • Mentoring: by the awesome STEAKS Crew, a crew of hella smart skaters and other athletes that will do their best to help you grow
  • … and some other fun perks
What is expected of the STEAKS Rookie during the program?

When we started out we found comfort in knowing that there were others out there with the same struggles. We searched for tips and tricks on how to overcome certain hurdles, which is why we want the STEAKS Rookie to keep a public progress diary in the shape of social media posts or blog posts so other rookies may find, learn and benefit from your journey.

How to enter
  • Share a video or image on Facebook or Instagram & let us know what goals you would like to achieve if you become the next STEAKS Rookie. Please also include your sport & how long you have been active in your sport.
  • Follow us on Instagram or Facebook (@steakswear)
  • tag us in the post
  • add hashtag #steaksrookie2020

All entries that reach us until Dec 15, 2019, 11:59 p.m. (CET) will be taken into consideration. We will be announcing the 2020 STEAKS Rookie just before Christmas on our social media channels (facebook / instagram / twitter).

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Good luck! 

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