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A game without borders – join us for Derby Without Borders auction #2

Back in September we collaborated with Derby Without Borders and sponsored an auction, which proceeds went to the WFTDA Champs travel fund of Agentianian roller derby team 2×4 Roller Derby. Check out our blog post on the collab, which also includes an interview with Mae Dae, founder of Derby Without Borders, an organization that is working hard on breaking down barriers and making the participation in this great sport called roller derby more accessible to leagues worldwide. We are in love with this cause and are convinced it can make a real difference.

So….because we have more to give and there are more teams to support we are back for auction round number 2 of which the proceeds will be going to the travel funds of Team Indigenous and Jewish Roller Derby.

We are nation: A game without borders

This year’s WFTDA Championships will include a very special game! On Saturday, November 16, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm “two teams of strength, grace, and resilience that urge us to change the way we see the world and redefine “nation.” (  – will be competing against each other: Team Indigenous and Jewish Roller Derby/רולר דרבי יהודי.

For everyone who cannot make it to Montréal, Canada for Champs this year: the game will also be available as a free stream on If you want to find out more about the game head to the WFTDA website.

The Teams

STEAKS Stories company news Derby Without Borders auction we are nation game without borders wftda champs 2019 team indigenous

Team Indigenous at this years RollerCon in Las Vegas.


Team Indigenous had their first public game at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester England and have since been known quite well on an international level in the roller derby community. Co-founder Jumpy McGee, aka April Fournier have shared the team’s origin story over on the Strong Athletic Blog. The vision of the team is simple:“(…) Our vision was a team where other Indigenous athletes could thrive, share experiences, feel seen and heard. Where they were represented 100% of the time and could use that platform to show others what is possible. Now we have realized that vision and continue to grow and inspire others to claim their space in the derby community. We don’t have to be defined by geography or borders. We can embrace our communities wherever they exist, with whomever we connect with. This has allowed us to develop some incredible partnerships and friendships along the way. (…)” Read the entire origin story on

Connect with Team Indigenous on social media:

STEAKS Stories company news Derby Without Borders auction we are nation game without borders wftda champs 2019 jewish roller derby

Team Jewish Roller Derby – photo by Tristan King


Jewish Roller Derby has not been around for quite that long but the idea to start the team also started to evolve at the Roller Derby World Cup 2018, where co-founder Tiggz, aka Martine Dudinsky who was there skating for Team Russia had the following experience “(…) I went to watch Team Israel. Although I personally have no ties to Israel, while I was sitting in the stands, I noticed I was surrounded by people who looked like me. I was also watching people who looked like me and they were playing my favourite sport! I started thinking about how these people likely have similar cultural experiences and it made me long for that connection. (…).” Since then a lot has happened and Jewish Roller Derby had their first game at RollerCon 2019. To learn more about their origin story head over to

Connect with Jewish Roller Derby on social media:

STEAKS Stories company news Derby Without Borders auction we are nation game without borders wftda champs 2019

This game will be revolutionary & you can help make it happen by participating in the Derby Without Borders auction. 

You should also check out the Strong Athletic WE ARE NATION Shirts of which $10 from the sale of each shirt will go directly to skaters and support staff from both teams.

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