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How to Pack for a Derby Trip

Heading on a derby trip can be a stressful time. You still have to go to work and practice, while also trying to get all your stuff together and wash your gear (hopefully!), while also dealing with other small things that you didn’t think about until the last minute. There are a lot of moving parts to finally being able to get on an airplane and head to your destination.

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten pretty good at packing, to the point where I don’t stress out about it as much when it’s time to get ready. You’ve already got enough to stress about when you’re about to play some games, so I’m gonna share my packing list and a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. You can refer back to this when you’re about to head out on a trip, especially if it’s your first time traveling.

Things to bring:

  • Gear!

    • Gear bag
      • I usually use my normal gear bag for this or a bag I’m familiar with. I like the familiarity of using my regular skate bag when I’m gearing up for a game out of town because it makes me feel a little more at home.
    • Skates on a plane!
      • This bag should come with you onto the plane as your carry-on (never check your skate bag if you can avoid it).
    • Uniform (of course!)
      • Pack this with your gear and carry it on! I take my smallest packing cube (more on these later) and fill it with my black and white uni, uni pants, and every piece of clothing I’ll need to play at least one game, like a sports bra, socks, etc.
Carry-on packed!
  • Clothes

    • This includes:
      • Bathing suit (for hotel pool/hot tub)
      • 2-3 pairs of leggings
      • 1 pair of shorts or pants (depending on weather)
      • ~5 shirts
      • A bunch of sports bras
      • A light (rain-proof) jacket if you think you’ll need it
      • Afterparty outfit
      • Pajamas or something you feel comfortable in
        • For me, this is shorts and tank
      • 1 pair of thick socks & a hoodie
        • Hotels get cold, especially at night!

This is the tough one, especially if you’re going somewhere where you’re not really sure what the weather is like, so just make sure you’re researching before-hand.

The hardest part is trying to figure out what you don’t need on a trip, as far as clothes go. This takes a few times of trying and realizing what you bring but don’t actually wear.

Also, afterparty outfits can be pretty big. This is where compression packing cubes are a must! You can put a bunch of stuff and them and then zip the compression part down and bam, your giant pile of clothes is small and compact:


Becomes this

  • Recovery

    • Water bottle
      • Not too heavy, not too small. Is there a perfect plane water bottle? I usually go for a 32oz nalgene but it doesn’t keep water super cold.
    • Shaker bottle
      • Not super necessary, but I like to have something to put preworkout in before the games and recovery in after without having to worry about tracking down a cup or making my water bottle smelly.
    • Protein powder
      • If you’re vegan, sometimes you end up in a food desert. Having this on hand can be ULTRA helpful.
    • Foam roller/lacrosse ball
      • Recovery! The best part about my foam roller is that it’s a travel one with a hollow inside so it’s small and can fit lacrosse balls, my coffee mug, rolled up socks, etc. inside it.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Small reusable coffee mug
      • If I don’t have this on a trip, I’m distraught. This way you always have a way to bring coffee with you. Sometimes you have early games and need to jet to the venue. Grab that hotel coffee and roll. If you have a vacuum sealed mug, your coffee will still be hot after the game!
    • Portable phone battery
      • This has saved my life so many times! If you know you’re gonna be at the venue all day, this will save you from having to frantically find an outlet as you watch your phone battery drop lower and lower.
    • Small backpack
      • Usually, this only happens if I have a free checked bag or have packed super light and only have one bag!
      • I like separating my plane essentials like my book, Nintendo DS, headphones, snacks, water bottle, battery from my gear bag so I can store them under the seat in front of me and don’t have to worry about getting into the overhead bin.
      • I also start with my liquids in this bag so I can pull them out easily when I get through security. Then I can pop them into my carry-on.
    • Fanny pack
      • Always. You can access your ID, phone, boarding tickets, etc., super easy
    • Sleep mask and earplugs
      • Game changer! I tried to go without a sleep mask or earplugs once and I never made that mistake again
    • Charging hub
      • Having this with at least two places can make sure there are enough outlets to go around.
    • Toiletries
      • Don’t forget ya bathroom stuff

Use all your empty space! If you’re bringing a mug and a shaker bottle, fill them with things, like your sports powders and snacks. Packing is a puzzle and it might take a couple times of rearranging to get it right.

Got any other tips and tricks for making flying a breeze? Leave us a comment!

About the author:

Gravy, Baby! is a member of Texas Roller Girls and part of our STEAKS DIAMOND CREW. Find out more about her on her STEAKS skater profile page.

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