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How to Rollercon

So, you’re finally doing it. You’re taking the trip to ~ Rollercon ~. But it’s overwhelming and you’re not sure where to even start cause there’s so much info out there. Let us help you out! We’ve put together this article with the most important Rollercon info laid out and easy to access. This way you can be totally ready to have the most fun week ever without having to worry that you’re doing it right.

First things first

The true beginning of your Rollercon planning is getting your ticket. When you do this, you’ll need to decide whether you want to:

  1. Skate in as many games as possible
  2. Take classes from some of your derby heroes + also skate in games
  3. Watch games/hang out by the pool/go full vacation mode

Depending on what you want, you’ll get a(n):

  1. Skater pass
  2. MVP pass
  3. Offskates pass

Ticket sales start on the Friday after the U.S. Thanksgiving and can be found through the Rollercon website.

You’ll have to take an honest look at your skating skills and assess what level you belong in, according to this chart. You wanna make sure the games you get are gonna be the best for your skill level so you can have the maximum level of fun! and minimum level of injury risk. Whatever level you put yourself in, you can move up and down one level from that.

For example, if you’re an intermediate skater, you’ll be in level B. In this level, you can skate in games and sign up for classes that are level B.

If you’re interested in officiating, here’s some info.

If you want to volunteer, check out this info.

What’s next?

If you got an MVP pass, sign up for classes! There will be a day in June that class signups start. There are two signup days and you can sign up for one class on each. They might open up another day later on for a third class depending on if there are still open class spots. Because it’s a set day, it’s important to stay on top of it if you wanna get those classes!

Your next move is to join the Facebook groups and forums. This is the official Rollercon Facebook group and updates yearly. This is the group where people post about and sign up for skating challenges. You can look here and find a group for mostly anything you want, whether you’re an official or you want to find the notes from a class you took.

There are also official Rollercon forums you can join. Basically, there’s a lotta communication out there so just join what you need and what’s gonna help you.

Book your room!

The event is at the Westgate resort. You can get all the info for booking on this page, including the Rollercon discount code. These rooms open right after tickets go on sale, so it’s important to book as early as possible to be in the room block. The more rooms they book, the better it is for everyone!

There are also some benefits to getting in on the Rollercon room block, which you can read about on that page. We’ll talk about food and your room in a little bit.

What to Bring


Once your challenges are set up, it’s time to get your shirts ready. Not every challenge will be black and white, so you might need a bunch of different colors. You can find some cheap shirts at thrift stores or discount places like Ross (a personal fav).

If you feel like you want to jump onto some challenges in the moment while you’re there, grab a bunch of shirts of all different colors and keep them blank (no numbers). That way, you can write your temporary number (aka the number of the skater whose place you’re taking) on them real quick with a marker.


It depends on what you want to do! If you’re going for the trifecta of ramp skating, outdoor skating, and scrimmaging, you’ll need a few different pairs: one soft, one medium, and one hard.

The floors inside the Westgate are sport court. If you’ve never skated on sport court, it can be a fickle beast. If you like grip, bring some 88s. If you like a lot of slide, 95+. The magic number seems to be somewhere around 93. Here’s a good breakdown of what to expect on the tracks.


You’ll probaby be playing a lotta games and doing a lot of skating in general, if you have extra gear like elbow pads and wrist guards, it might be a good way to avoid skating in wet gear for the whole week. Otherwise, bring your regular gear! 


  • A bathing suit or two (or three)
    • There’s a good chance that when you’re not busy skating, you’ll be in the pool
  • Other necessary clothes
  • Plenty of skating bottoms n tops (which we talked about)
  • Outfits for events*

*What do you mean, events? Let’s go over those now!


There are SO MANY events at Rollercon, here are some of the major ones:

Wednesday night: Karaoke

Thursday night: The Riedell party

Friday afternoon: Derby wedding

Friday night: Royal Shakedown

Saturday night: Black and Blue Ball

All week:

Skatepark tours (RSVP for these on Facebook)

Skating the strip

Want even more? Check out the Rollercon official calendar for all of them.


It gets HOT in Las Vegas. If this is something you’re not really used to, it’s important that you take care of your body and don’t overdo by trying to do everything. Take breaks and make sure to replenish your body with food and…

~ ELECTROLYTES ~ You need em. Water alone won’t be enough when temps are extreme. One option for this is Nuun tablets. It’s a thing that you just drop into your water bottle (it’s a little fizzy and flavored). Super easy! You can find them at most grocery stores. Another option is coconut water, which you can also just throw into your water bottle. It’s a little more of a mild flavor than Nuun, but is just more expensive. Otherwise, sports drinks like gatorade have everything you need!


One thing you want to make sure you have enough of is food. Since you’ll be in Vegas for almost a week and might not have time to see the outside world that much, a lot of people like to take a grocery shopping trip on the first day.

The rooms in the Westgate should have a mini fridge in them, but they do not have microwaves or coffee makers (the lower priced ones, at least). Having as much food as possible that doesn’t need to be heated up is your best bet.

Having a bunch of snacks can also help, especially if you don’t have that much time between events. Bring snacks with you everywhere! Good ones like protein bars and fruits (or my fav, applesauce packets).

Protein powder/recovery powder can also help you power through five straight days of skating, so make sure you bring some with you!

Other Info

Want some more info?

Here’s an interactive map of Las Vegas

Here’s a general FAQ about Rollercon

For transportation, most people use rideshares like Lyft/Uber. You can also use GoogleMaps to figure out the bus lines, which are pretty cheap compared to rideshares.


We hope this helps you have a great RollerCon! Have any other tips and tricks you’ve picked up over the years? Let us know in the comments!

About the author:

Gravy, Baby! is a member of Texas Roller Girls and part of our STEAKS CREW.

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