Roller Derby World Cup 2018

We are excited to announce that eleven team #steakscrew members will be skating during the Roller Derby World Cup. We are proud to be supporting these amazing athletes and the best part: we will be able to have a HUGE STEAKS team meet up in Manchester as we will also be there with a booth.

11 Skaters from 8 nations

We support a large group of skaters because we are dedicated to creating the best contact wear products on the market. This can only be achieved if our products are tested – not only in a lab – but also out there on the track, by athletes in different shapes and sizes, with various skating styles, playing different positions on a team, in any climate zone, wearing our products and letting us know what they like and where we can still improve. We have found this team and are happy that they are succeeding in this sport we all love.

Our multinational #STEAKScrew team in Manchester:

If you spot any cool, shareable pictures or moves from our skaters during or after the World Cup (because they’ve been turned into a gif) let us know by tagging your post with #skateforsteaks.

But wait! There is more – The STEAKS booth!You can come say hi and hang out at the STEAKS booth, which will be in the World Cup Vendor Village. We will be bringing many pre-orders, many protective wear items and a ton of extras that we have labeled “fun stuff” while working on them. If you want to get a preview on these extras and all the other fun things we have planned for the event, sign up for our newsletter.

Our Steaks World Cup 2018 newsletter will be going out a few days before the World Cup.

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