Champs! Champs! The European Rise!

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The season of 2017 culminates to Championships, and as much as we wait for the International WFTDA Championships at Philadelphia to see the mightiest teams fight for the Hydra on Nov. 3-5,  the Mens Roller Derby Association Championships are happening this weekend, on 13th-15th of Oct.

WFTDA and MRDA have really stretched out their hand towards Europe this season, first we got D1 Playoffs to Malmö, and then MRDA Champs to Cwmbra, Wales, United Kingdom!

Now ongoing MRDA championships "Cymru Clash 2017" are held for the 8th time and the first time in Europe. Europes mens teams have really activated during last years and it is interesting to see how they play against seasoned US teams. The whole mens roller derby segment is growing quite fast in Europe, new teams pop out once in a while, which is great in our point of wiev. Men are the most consumers of protective gear, mainly because its so normal in other sports. Possibly they have backround in some of these sports too.

Talking about the European rise. European teams have climbed up the ranks steadily. Maybe in few years some of them could be chasing Hydra! Dazzling Crime City Rollers and Rainy showed so much potential at Malmö! They were nearly outbrighting London Roller Girls that has been the queen team of Europe for ages. We are so excited to see the future of these teams, and the future of Euro Derby.

At the MRDA champs we got two Steakies, Mr.Furieux from Roller Derby Toulouse and Shank McCoy form Southern Discomfort, London. Watch the games during weekend from

Good luck fellas and may your teams be victoriuos!

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Alistair Hines/ Shank McCoy, Southern Discomfort


Killian Cros/ Mr.Furieux, Toulouse Roller Derby

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